Feminine Energy and Right-Brained Thinking   

This Video is first in a series for women explaining feminine energy, and right brained thinking. The goal is to teach women how to live a happier, more authentic life.

Blending Masculine and Feminine Energies   

This second video in the Treehouse series is a continuation in the exploration of masculine and feminine energy. Sue will explain how to make choices between the two energies that will lead to greater happiness and deeper connections with friends and family.

Who Are We At Our Core?   

This video is the first part of a look into who we are at our core and the filters through which we see the world. The purpose is to help women live in a closer relationship to their own truth.

Shells Around Our Core Self   

In this video I'll explain how and why we create false masculine and false feminine shells around our core heart. These shells can confuse us and keep us from our life's purpose. Find out how your shells may be standing between you and your happiness.

Male and Female Shells: Why We Need To Know   

In this installment, I explain how feminine core hearts, fully expressed, can bring more balance to our lives and to the world. Walls of protection around our authentic hearts increases the need for power over and competition with others. Learning to relax those walls can opens the door to deeper happiness, better relationships and a more cohesive world. If you've determined you have a feminine heart, this one's for you!

How to Deepen Your Friendships With the Women In Your Life   

In this video, I invite my dear friend Maureen to do a practice with me. Through this simple little practice, we'll show you how to deepen your friendships with the women in your life and bring you to the heart of the love you feel for them. For yourself and for the sake of the women in your life, give this a try. More love is a good thing!