Sue has an amazing intuitive gift and creates a safe space for you to look deep inside, explore and release what is no longer serving you.

—Cheryl Bell, Mental Health Counselor

        I had an opportunity to work with Sue while I was designing a ritual mask for my PhD studies in Depth Psychology... She displayed a unique ability to bring from me a creativity I didn’t know I possessed. She gave me the courage and confidence to take creative risks far beyond any I had ever imagined. 

—Jackie Terry, Hypnotherapist

        My visits with Sue have always been insightful, encouraging and genuine. Sue helped me look into my past to understand just how it effects me today. I was surprised at how it made me feel, I can only describe it as a feeling of release and forgiveness, it was very helpful.

With Sue's help, you will feel inspired, encouraged, and ready for whatever lies ahead. She gives all of herself to you at each visit.

Sue is helping me realize that I…like you…are a spirit of no common rate.

—Sue Stiles
Hood Canal, Wa.


        I have been to several counselors in my 71 years and have never had the results I’ve had with Sue. Her unique approach, insight and understanding have helped me resolve issues I have dealt with for years. Because of her coaching, my relationships with family and friends have greatly improved and I am happier and much more peaceful than ever before in my life. She has brought much healing to my life.

I would recommend Sue to anyone who is open and willing to incorporate her unique coaching into their life.

—Joanne Reno

        Working with Sue is truly transformative. My capacity to be a true conduit of love, as a giver and a receiver, has opened and continues to deepen. There she is on the sidelines saying “You can do it”. My life is richer for just knowing this lovely, creative and humorous being. My personal growth and healing of old issues has accelerated incredibly from working with her one on one.

—Brandy Hagan, Payroll Coordinator

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