Methods and Services

* Help clients sort priorities in their lives
* Assist them in finding life meaning
* Teach ways to deepen their relationships
* Provide strategies for dealing with stress and life issues

* Teach feminine practices to women wishing to deepen their receptivity and intuition
* Identify clients' life issues and help them develop coping strategies
* Promote non-judgmental form of coaching and teach clients to relax critical ideas for the sake of their own happiness
* Identify limiting behavior patterns developed in childhood and offer ideas for ways to effectively leave the past in the past
* Teach techniques in deep connections

Coaching Methods
Through intuitive methods, I ask questions and implement deep, non-judgmental listening to first understand an individual and the goals they are trying to achieve. No two clients are alike. My ensuing discussion and practices are based on information gathered from that questioning. We build a partnership based in mutual trust. Together, we explore situations and emotions that are hard for them to face alone. I play the part of a tour guide of sorts, leading my clients through the stories they've built up over a lifetime then offering new ideas for how they can live more powerfully from the present moment forward.