Through years of being a seeker of depth and my own personal truth, I learned the most amazing thing: there is nothing wrong with me! I just hadn't yet awakened to the truth about myself—I am like no other person on earth, and that is what is. No one sees the world quite the way I do and only I can fill that important spot. Accepting that isn't arrogant. In fact, accepting a gift is a very humbling experience and one I do with gratitude.

Each of us is whole and complete, but just at different stages of awakening to our unique truth. There are those who were abused, and for whom counseling with a therapist is appropriate to heal wounds inflicted on them by others—but at the core of each one of us, we are magnificent and waiting to wake up.

I've learned the skill of seeing the magnificence in others. My job is to help clear away the limiting beliefs, the mess and the doubts that cloud the vision of those that come to see me, enabling them to see the brilliance I do.

The freedom that comes from recognizing that we aren't damaged allows us to explore who we really are—unique, beautiful and mind-blowingly capable. The journey to that freedom isn't always an easy one. That is why having a coach as a guide is so important. If you are ready for the adventure, I'm waiting to help you on the journey.


You are beautifully unbroken!


Sue Bielka