About Sue Bielka



Entice Seminars

Seminar Leader with co-facilitators and authors, Terri Staeger and Patty Flanagan-Linderman. These seminars are filled with practices and information designed to look at the paradigm of conditioning with which we, as women, relate to others. They are designed to help women deeply embrace their intuition, receptivity and bond with the women in their lives while preserving and enhancing the integrity of relationships with men. They teach deep respect and honor of the unique qualities that make up masculine and feminine energies.

Ocean In a Swimming Pool (book, working title)

Co-author with Terri Staeger. This book is a more detailed look at women’s relationships with each other. It is a manual for learning to live in support of and in the depth of our friendships, our relationships and our families. It shows an historical timeline of our evolution as women in the past century and offers a paradigm shift in how we approach strength and power as women in this country. Women have traditionally believed they need to be hard in order to be powerful, and we've all witnessed the pain that often results from that belief. This book is dedicated to our powerful softness as women and to developing a deep respect for the men in our lives.


Wild Things--A Living Art Exhibit

Creator and Director. Wild Things was an artistic look at what is wild within us. Through a very direct and collaborative process of discovery, the artists involved in this project answered a series of questions designed to go deeply into their beliefs and perceptions about what is wild. From there, they each built a piece of wearable art and came up with a physical depictions of what was wild inside of them. As a result, many came face to face with fears and restrictions that needed to be addressed in order to perform for an audience. Programs were written to ask the same questions of the audience as they witnessed the event.

Puppets on Parade

Director and puppet designer. Artist Wendy Jackson-Hall originally created the event of Puppets on Parade. I took over as director after Jackson-Hall passed away. This event was created as a memorial and tribute to Jackson-Hall's creation. The theme for the memorial event was Taking Flight. Larger than life puppets were created in the shape of a flying dragon and a large red bird, both taking at least four puppeteers to work. Also, many individual puppets were created with the same theme. This event won the award of Most Unusual Entry at the Grand Old Fourth Parade on Bainbridge Island. Pictures of the event may be seen on www.animatedadventures.com

The Art of Connection Seminar

Seminar Leader with co-facilitator and co-author Amanda Stuart. The Art of Connection Seminar was designed to help people learn ways to let compassion guide their lives and to illustrate ways to open their hearts in order to create deeper connections with others. Exercises helped participants experience what it felt like in their bodies after successfully putting their compassion into action.


BFA in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Fine Art.
AA with an emphasis in Performing Arts
Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified in:
End of Life care: The grief process
Coaching for better performance
Spirituality and Care Giving