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SpacerI began truth seeking after experiencing a ruptured aneurysm at the age of 18. I was fortunate to have youth on my side and made a full recovery. Recognizing that life can change at the drop of a hat, I set out to learn as much as possible about why we are here and what this mystery called life is all about. That curiosity has offered me a wide foundation of experiences and disciplines from which to draw in order to help others find their own way.

I am a trained actor and artist. This is where my coaching has its roots. As an actor, I study emotions and the motivations people have for doing the things they do. In order to create a well-rounded character, it is important to know what makes that character tick. Having the ability to pinpoint the motivations of people is the same for creating a character on stage as it is for understanding my client’s actions and reactions. Using techniques for tapping into emotions, I help people release the pain and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in their problems and unhappiness.

One of my early acting experiences allowed me to see the value of letting go of ego. I worked in a children’s amusement park for ten years as the entertainment Dolly Duckdirector and as park mascot, Dolly Duck. The experience of performing hundreds of hours of mask work in the duck costume allowed me to feel the freedom of expressing, through my body, the playfulness that my conditioning curbed. It was through giving myself permission to live larger than life in that costume, that I learned the benefit of surrender—surrendering the stories of societal restraints in order to find the freedom and happiness of my true self. I desire to help others to feel that same freedom.

I have a deep understanding of grief. Being present to help both of my parents with their decline through their dying moments, I learned the gift of being present with what is. I’m ready to assist people in the most difficult moments of their lives. There is nothing too shocking or too emotionally difficult to bring to the table. Grief brings out expressions that we don’t experience in everyday life.

There is fear and sadness present at the moment of someone’s passing, but there is also an intimacy that can only be expressed in that particular moment. I want to help people who are grieving to find the strength to experience that for themselves if they so choose, or to help them walk through the time after their loved one dies. I offer a soft and safe place to allow grief to be expressed naturally and without shame. It is something we all must go through at some point and having someone to guide the process can be very helpful.

My work has a deep spiritual component. Having studied with teachers Satyen Raja, Stephen Garrett, Mary Crawford and Anjali Hill, as well as studying the work of Carolyn Myss, Byron Katie, Echart Tolle, David Deida and Wayne Dyer and many others, I have a broad background in the art of living with compassion. From feminine strength and softness, my work is based in intuition and acceptance. It’s my belief is that there is nothing to fix with the people that come to see me because there is nothing wrong with them. They are only in a particular place on the continuum of their own awakening. I make use of proven methods to show my clients how to let go of the anger and the stories that keep them perpetuating not only their own unhappiness, but also the very things that cause dis-ease in the world. It’s my belief that I’m working on world peace one person at a time.


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